Selamat berkorban!

Selamat hari raya idul adha teman2. Bagi yang merayakan tentu saja.

It’s my first time celebrating this holy day without my family. My first time not going home and keep staying in Jogja. This morning I prayed ied in My campus mosque, together with my boarding house mate Kak ipeb. We did’t get any place inside the mosque so we hve to pray in park zone with car in front of us. Lol. Just a moment after pray the seller of bakpao, lumpia and another dishes start to sell their stuffs. Even we aren’t ‘amin-amin’ yet. Hahaha.

Thanks to a girl beside me who gave us newspaper, so our sajadah were not dirty.

I just remembered this sentence from so many pharagraphs that Khotib readed.
“Apa yang sudah kamu korbankan untuk Agamamu?”. Hmmm. I couldn’t answer it. So ironic, huh?


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